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Franchise Model – (Yet Selection photos, Books to buy Banner & Mock Test to buy Banner)

Complete Analysis (Logical):

Minimum Financial Risk & Maximum/Rapid Business Expansion (in Franchise model)

Understand this franchisor and franchisee model in all industry including education


We all are customer in franchise based network industry.

Eg. Amul has biggest franchise network as having 9000 franchise network.

Because heavy cost on corporate centre & Bulk manpower hierarchy playing tiktok.


Benefits to franchisor:

Franchise can enjoy the rapid expansion in the form of:

Fixed License Fee Amount & Recurring Royalty value of Profit (Little negotiation)


Advantages to franchisor:

No Running cost, Recurring Revenue, National presence, Economy of Scale via Centralised purchase/System to reduce cost


Franchisor is required to develop (these supports):

Good Product – IELTS & Study Visa (innovation as per trend) – (Monthly Repeatable Income)

& About company

& Technology based

& ERP (also controlling data base of franchisee)

& Digital content


& ask a doubt feature in digital (Whatspp Support of your related querie @ 99888-19150, rather than text sms/email & obviously no call)

& Leads generation (100% Ads Support)

& Visual Teaching (not textual) – [100% Faculty Testing Support & Faculty Training Support]


& (Training & Test)

& Coach-Coachee Calls

& Superb only Online Ads

& Distributors ROI Exclusive Centre


Franchisor need to develop:

Expected vs deliverable, Commitment vs achievement, satisfied vs unsatisfied, support vs un-support, Check failure rate of student or dealers (& find reason why)

Profit% on turnover, ROI


Outsource: Books etc (even liitle suggestion) as recipe/trade secret

Eye catching guidance:

(Eg. Dr Lal PathLab, Restaurant Chain, Amul, Coca-Cola only syrup, Kekiz Cake)

& (McDonald, Haldiram, Bikanerwala, Hindustan unilever, Patanjali, Maruti Suzuki company)

are scaleup due to building process orientation

& found franchisee fastly.

Eligibility: Location, Industry focus, selling capability, salesteam, customer base, trustworthiness, trust of retailer by distributor, knowledge level, finance strength, technology adaptability, willingness,

New dealer: exciting package, great offer, total solution, price, ROI, demo support, overall support, online ads support, testimonial references, some dealer shall go, dealers how earn & how lose, schemes of incentive, goal of dealer, teach to sale, will to sale, new product launch support, legal strong.

What is needed in ur business:

Distributers, wholesaler & retailer

Online shopping, Sales channel

How build chain: Product quality, (ROI, Schemes), Ads to control, Tough to control, margin of all chain to analyse.

How to find a new distributor:

Channel Sales Executive, Join Industry Association, Attend Trade shows,

Reference from existing dealer, Wholesaler & Dealer websites, (Play school data as may join new brand, keep eye on competitor),

Use ur website (Benefits sheet of dealer regarding costing & ROI & Enquiry Form & SEO & G+) & social media (SMS, Whatsapp, Email, FB, LinkedIn, You Tube, Twitter etc) to generate more leads, Agents)

Compete self by solving more questions,

online applicants via online portals, play schools, next problem solving article.

How to make Process driven business (Not personality driven business)

This is done by making Standatd oprating procedure in every department-

1st understand benefits of Standatd oprating procedure in every deptt

  1. business scale up (multi-cities via send manuals so same follow)
  2. efficiency increase speed
  3. quality same
  4. uniform performance & outcome
  5. reduce miscommunication so no chance of failure

Types of SOP:

  1. Make SOP of Execution for automation (Not SOP of strategy as by founder )

How to bring automation:

  1. Find repetitive nature activities via making execution framework which evaluate team members performance)
  2. Written manual of the old staff special expertise for upcoming team + test for new team (No dependency on old team member)

Readymade steps for making process:

  1. Identify problem for which u need process (Goal) – whether in Quality, Outcome, Sales, Calculation
  2. Build the process boundary (1st & Last step)
  3. Input and the final output (Do Sequencing) & (which manpower does best activity)
  4. Process role in flowchart for integrated review (All Names do which role & Make sequence)
  5. Responsible all names, headed by accountable head and expert to consulted man & head to be informed (RACI for kiling potential problem in advance)
  6. I do, we do, you do.

Answers to ur many questions


& Stock available as earliest (if stock over)

Only Online ads footfall is innovation & (Complete online ads control as recipe/trade secret)

& Training to Centre Head via articles (along with Staff via only centre head)

Fly Light [(Less manpower) & (No market ads) & (Less cost due to scaling order)]


Innovate products as to mkt (IELTS & Study Visa) – Improve market size

Make frugal offers & Frugal Supplement products


Technology for speed & scale which end errors

Manual & build great Process so as master franchise also take franchise

Method & Model for recurring profits

ROI 300% to master franchise & Franchisee (due to less cost due to scale in online ads)

White Label Branding increase brand image


Become Master Franchisor:

We have Good (Business, Product, Quality, Service) & it can be further expanded with help of process by becoming master franchisor.

Support of 24/7 via Whatsapp (via direct link of website or redirect link of website – for similar type of questions of everyone)

Self time for 24+ hrs


Weak areas of old projects: Faculty & already running centre shall be interested to take another centre if planning to do something big profits & control via Complusory ERP of PBI

(Failure rate of franchisor to see, find reason about complaint)

(error in product, price, support, common problem solving articles automatically as like vivek bindra.


Franchisor Point of view:

COCO: Capital Expenditure of company (Company owned) and Operational Expenditure of company (Company operated)

Good HO to be ready (proven track record) is must via special expertise/skills, so as to attract franchisee.

(Good – Location, Manpower, Profitability, Footfall of customer, Transparent books of accounts, ROI Profitability)


FOFO (Franchisee owned & Franchisee operated): Usually not-following of all standards/manuals and if not controlled by franchisor on decision then dangerous to brand.

But subject to high risk level for franchisor as maintaining control is very essential on franchisee.


Mentor Knowledge:

Franchisor maintain Mentor like vivek bindra


Facilities to new franchisee (Benefits to new franchisee) (Life of franchisee becomes easy):

In that franchisor provide Company ready made –

(Proprietary tools, trademark, LOGO, Existing Brand Name),

(technology, software), & beyond services support in portal, (ERP/Audit via faculty nos.), digital assignments,


(Business Process, Manuals, Blueprint, developed Business Model, operating methods, expertise details, skilled support based training, training manpower system, proven track record),

Standards, standardized process

content, less pricing,

already problems identified of market

Innovate products as per mkt need

(Complete online ads control as recipe/trade secret), national marketing team support at times, Less Cost as to volume, ready customer footfall / leads positioning (high volume of client) which gives growth/profits – to the franchisee

(90% failure rate if u start from scratch)


So to build these is necessary even for HO itself & complimentary for Franchise Network. (Negligable cost of franchisor but cost exists)


Disadvantages to franchisor:

Franchisee uses your Brand & if franchisee doesn’t practise all standads

If not controlled then risk of big loss/end of brand value.

So prepare Standard Operating Procedure & prepare Manuals & control on critical decisions.


Eligibility for right franchisee:

Money, time and energy must be available for profits to franchisee

Let him aware that he has to follow standardization/control (Not probability of variation)

Do visit to see Cleanliness, Customer Service, Pricing, Quality

We has to be Organised: how to (do marketing/hire Sales staff, take Training, signage, business card, letter head, stationary

& Advocate regarding deal maker/breaker for trademark protection, clarity in communication to maintain control)

& Franchise disclosure document (Proposal) so as protect copyright

& Location


Let franchisee to understand: Franchisors (values, Beliefs, Attitude, Nature, Culture)

Monitor ur franchisee activities (Franchisee has to take permission, before any new thing to be done)



Franchisee (Invest in himself & create possibilities) & create standardised brand.



How get franchise

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