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Best Coaching Centre in Jalandhar for all Govt exams

How to increase ads for running centre & Exclusive Centre clause – Support (Article 1)

Benefits of Govt Jobs are known to everyone in country like India

Types of different Govt Jobs available in a year – More than 20 Govt Department has vacancies every year.


Why PBI / Any Coaching facilities are needed for large no. of Courses – Also clear to every aspirant.


How to increase ads (No.1 Brand awareness) for running centre in order to resolve ROI / increase Joinings:

  1. Ad Word
  2. Google Map (Mobile, DOB while creating Registered email id) + [Google my business post] & G+ proper fetch
  3. SEO
  4. Portals (Registered email id)
  5. Social Media – Alternate day linking to Landing page of the PBI website. (Registered emaid id & DOB to create) — [Fb Id & FB Page, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram settings, Whatsapp, You Tube channel(s) but make 1 you-tube channel etc – posts/photo/video)
  6. Market Based ads modes. [Eg. PBI Mobile App multiple features (+ No.1 automation Follow up), Road Banners to cover also near Office Location & Banner branding & many more]
  7. Main Road Office Location (to get Main Road Advertisements outside the Office)
  8. Reference as mouth ads (via solving problem of student)
  9. College compulsory batches fulfilling need of college also
  10. Rs 1000 discount offer on multiple courses (Genuine fee for all courses to help students)
  11. Success Stories & Highly Experienced Staff headed by 14 Yrs experience Sr. Faculty.

Exclusive Centre clause sustain for 8+ Compulsory Cash Value to be deposited on 1st of every individual month:

Have you fulfilled the above guidelines of HO fixed standards (with focussed commitment)

being the 1 franchise centre for the entire District exclusively, so as to achieve minimum limit of 8+ compulsory joinings every individual month for your entire District exclusively. (compulsory cash value to be deposited on 1st of every individual month whether number of stock needed is equal or less than the compulsory limit of 8+ joinings).

If you are not focussed (to above guidelines of HO fixed standards)

being the sole (exclusive) franchise centre for the entire District, then (HO may cancel exclusive centre clause & HO may independently allot 2nd franchise partner additionally at anytime from interested applicants in same city via generally dual centres in same city) so as to achieve minimum limit of 8+ compulsory joinings every individual month for your entire city in PBI Brand.


You must whatsapp your relevant weekly performance before [7th, thereupon 14th also, thereupon 21th also, thereupon 28th also] of every month (via Compulsory ERP of PBI),

till Exclusive centre clause sustain [ (approved by HO via whatsapp) & (compulsory meeting appointment @ HO)] on 1st of every individual month, to avoid any confusion regarding the above mentioned exclusive centre clause.


Questions from fixed standards PBI HO to any Non-Performer running centre:

Why running centre does the work if not having even 8+ joinings a month to overcome break-even point.

Why are you doing the activities unsystematically without the fixed prescribed standards of PBI. Consult HO immediately for available guidelines to increase joinings in PBI Brand


You may also whatsapp your (relevant) common questions / request (if any) to seek possible automated HO fixed standards based reply / solution within 3 working days. HO make a commitment on features / facilities already present / available in product / brand. It is PBI HO jurisdiction to consider your further request in upcoming amendments in PBI Brand.


                      IBPS PO

                      IBPS CLERK

                      IB RECRUITMENT

                     SSC CHSL





                      IBPS SO

                      BANK PO

                      RBI ASSISTANT

                     CANARA BANK PO

                     CAT 2020

                     SSC CGL

                     RAILWAY JE

                     RBI GRADE B

                     FRANCHISE ENQUIRY


                     SSC GD

                     SBI CLERK 2020

                     PSPCL RECRUITMENT

                     SSC CPO 2020

                     BANK COACHING

                     SBI PO

                      SSC COACHING

                      MME BLOG

                       SBI PO 2020

                       RAILWAY EXAM 2020

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