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IELTS Coaching in Nakodar

IELTS Coaching in Nakodar

Do you wish to fulfill your dream to study abroad? Do you want to guarantee a good IELTS score? PBI brings to you 220+ verified IELTS coaching institutes in nakodar, offering specialized training to all aspiring candidates. With 5-star rating across 1388 user reviews, our PBI experts certify best services with unmatched quality. Read on to find out more about why to choose PBI, the various IELTS coaching institutes, types of courses, fee and much more. IELTS Coaching in Nakodar

Why choose PBI?

PBI is a leading business listing platform that is widely preferred by all. On our platform, you can easily come across many reliable and background-verified IELTS coaching institutes. These institutes have a network of skilled teachers and trainers who have enormous experience and expertise in guiding all wishful candidates. To get in touch with the best institutes, fill up the above form by stating all your requirements. Based on the information provided by you, the most suitable service providers will get in touch with you along with their offers. You can compare and evaluate the services offered by each to select the best one for your needs. IELTS Coaching in Nakodar

Everything You Need to Know About IELTS Coaching in nakodar

What is IELTS?

IELTS is an online test that is considered as one of the most extensively known English language skill tests. It is primarily meant for candidates who are looking to study or work abroad or settle down in a place where English is the first mode of communication. The test measures one’s ability to read, write, listen and speak in English on a nine-based scale. There are several IELTS coaching institutes in nakodar that prepare students for appearing for this examination. These institutes offer robust coaching with an industry-relevant curriculum to help candidates achieve their dream of settling abroad. IELTS Coaching in Nakodar

Eligibility for IELTS exam

Any candidate who is 16 years or above can appear for the IELTS examination. Those who wish to study or immigrate to countries like Canada, UK, USA, Australia, and New Zealand need to take this exam. The type of IELTS exam that you need to take varies, based on your purpose.

Purpose of travel
Type of IELTS exam
To enroll into an academic program IELTS Academic
For work-related training or migration to an English speaking country IELTS General Training

IELTS test format

The IELTS test is divided into four sections – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The first three sections of the exam are to be completed on the same day. The speaking test is either scheduled on the same day or within a week to that. Below is a break down of all four test sections:

IELTS Listening Test

The section is further divided into 4 sections and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. IELTS Coaching in Nakodar. You can take an additional 10 minutes to transfer your answers from the question appear to the answer sheet. Type of questions asked: Multiple choice questions, table/flow-chart, summary completion, sentence completion, matching, diagram labelling.

IELTS Reading Test

This section is further divided into 3 comprehension passages and takes approximately 60 minutes to complete, including the transfer time. Type of questions asked: Multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, matching, sentence completion, True and False, short answers to open questions.

IELTS Writing Test

This section includes 2 writing tasks:

  • Graph writing (150 words)
  • Essay Writing (250 words)

This section takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

IELTS Speaking Test

This includes a face-to-face interview conducted between the examiner and the student. It measures the speaking ability of the candidate in various situations.

IELTS Coaching in nakodar charges

There are various foreign education entrance exam coaching institutes in nakodar that provide all the necessary help to aspiring candidates in their exam preparation. Below is an approximate fee structure of these institutes. IELTS Coaching in Nakodar

Course Duration
Approximate Cost
One month coaching Approximately between INR 7000
2 months course Approximately between INR 12000
3 months course Approximately between INR 16,000

Top 10 IELTS Listening Preparation Tips

Students who want to pursue under or post-graduation in foreign countries and professionals who want to migrate to an English-speaking country and consequently require a work visa or residence permit, will have to take the IELTS exams to prove their English language proficiency. Overseas students are required to take the Academic Module exam and the General Module exam should be taken by overseas professionals, to fulfill each of their objectives. IELTS scores range between 0 and 9 and the final score that you get, is the average of the scores accrued in each of the four sections: Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. As far as the IELTS Listening section is concerned, how you can accrue a score of eight or more? Well… by following the 10 effective tips below, you will give yourself a very good chance of scoring big in a section that is an Achilles heel for many test takers.

Tips for Scoring 8 Band (or More) in the IELTS Listening Section

Following are the dos and don’ts for scoring high:

    1. Listen to different kinds of podcasts to enhance your listening skill, in the lead-up to the exam. This, in addition to listening to recordings and answering appropriately during practice. IELTS Coaching in Nakodar
    2. ‘Do’ the basics right, such as paying close attention to the instructions and identifying the requirement of a question, etc.
    3. Don’t’ be nervous, but be focused! Because you must listen to the recording and understand what is being said, you have to stay relaxed and concentrate on the recording and assess the appropriate answer from the options provided.
    4. Listen to a recording carefully throughout. In certain instances, you might get the answer you require, at the beginning, but you must continue listening carefully until the end.
    5. Check if the headset provided to you is working properly and you are able to hear the recording. In case you are unable to hear properly, you must alert the supervisor and rectify the problem. Although fundamental, you must assess if everything you require is working fine, before you start answering the questions.
    6. ‘Don’t’ dwell on a question for more than a couple of minutes. If you are unsure about a question, no problem, you can continue to attend the other questions and come back to those unanswered later, ideally with time left. Only 30 minutes are allotted for attending the IELTS Listening section.
    7. Ensure that you do not make any spelling errors, firstly, but prioritize not making grammatical errors as well. Because, even if your answer is right, a spelling or grammatical error could cost you marks.
    8. Understand the requirement of a particular question and ensure that your answer complies with the same.
    9. Leave no question unanswered, even though you will not be penalized.
    10. Be concentrated and try to complete answering all the questions with 20-30 minutes of the two-hour and 45-minute IELTS exam left. Because then you can go through your answers and make corrections if necessary. IELTS Coaching in Nakodar

IELTS Exam Location and Coaching Centers in Nakodar

The above list of coaching centers in Nakodar are among the top 10 IELTS preparation institutes where you can join and prepare for this crucial exam in your career. By preparing at any of the above listed institute, you will gain confidence and also improve your listening skill to score high in the IELTS Listening section. After booking your place for an IELTS Exam date in Nakodar, you will receive information about the exam location, at least five days before the exam day. We wish you success in the upcoming IELTS exam!

FAQ – IELTS Coaching in Nakodar

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