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Based on Mr. Sehgal

Problem Solving – fixed standards relating to Secondary Relatives (In-laws)

Based on previous experiences of brain-washing:


To be dealt only:

@ Sh. Jaswant & Sh. Subhash place if my visit (provided invited to either me/spouse/my son, as i m not interested to interfere in anyone place till the consent of that person exist)

Any other interested one (if any) can come there only.


Note: With hunting all time @ all SUV, for fun time @ Bathinda. (me & my son & all interested ones)

Note: We all (Me & spouse & my son) come together to meet & go back together, for fun time @ Bathinda.

Note: No amendments of any kind to be allowed until consulting to me personally.


To violate the following incidents happened:

a. No unwanted interference of any kind without taking permission (which may result to over-clashes in respect of involved members)

b. No energy on unwanted tasks of any kind are permissible, without taking permission

c. Regarding Brand-Value in all relevant aspect & family respect of the members. (Only for those who acted controversial). Human must see & prove himself firstly (on written paper) before commenting / verifying others. (having no authority at all to be allowed).

d. All has to stay in limit/gravity of their legal relation in the life of another / (common person).

e. No Ladies (Earlier involved ones) are allowed to give any kind of:

Unwanted Ideas & Illiterate Judgements & Unauthentic comments & useless authority (unless permission is taken from their husband OR failing which concerned husband is answerable)

No useless talks i listen whether on [ Jalandhar & Bathinda & little Faridkot & even very-little any other cities ] which were over communicated between involved ladies, failing which concerned husband is answerable.

f. Leaving or not the spouse, relating matters of my personal life are not at all admissible to any of un-authorised lady. (so called as relative)

g. If someone do these above (a to f), & I kept on finding relations ? Its not choice of my kind of man.


Note: Constitution allowed the:

Laws to be made / executed / verified by the Parliament / Executive / Judicial,

to maintain discipline of harmony in entire society as whole.

(Subject to amendments in interest of society)


Note: Weekly meeting with the friend circle like Mr. Ankur Sehgal is the refreshing of mind.


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